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Scholarship information

The responsibility for scholarship approval rests with the Treasurer. Any financial information collected by Summit Hockey will be reviewed solely by this individual and kept in strict confidence.  Please be aware that second child discounts and new player discounts are deducted from scholarship availability.

Summit Hockey uses financial aid guidelines similar to The Summit Foundation. Questions about whether your family would qualify for financial aid can be directed to the Treasurer Hutch Stone


  1. Applicant(s) must submit a completed Scholarship Application Form located on the right hand column of this page.
  2. Applicant(s) must furnish the Treasurer with a copy of the 1st page, and signature page, of the previous year's tax return. (Note: if parents do not file jointly, or are divorced/separated, tax returns from both parents are required)
  3. All application must be received before 9/1/2017 unless you are a first year player. If this is your first year with the association you will have 2 weeks from your players first attended practice to complete your scholarship application.